Rabu, 25 Januari 2012

Who was Robin Hood ....?

  The legendary outlaw of the 12th century in England, Robin Hood, may have been a mythical folk hero, but it1s also possible that he was a real person, perhaps even an Earl of huntingdon. in the legend robin hood is outlawed for opposing the sheriff of nottingham`s unjust ways. the sheriff is an ally of prince john during his rule over the county while king Richard the lionheart is away on the crusades.Robin takes refuge in sherwood forest and gathers a band of`marrie men` about him, including little John, the archer, friar tuck and maid marion, his beloved. He robs the rich to help the poor, is chivalrous, manly and fair, and generally embodies the ideals of the English yeoman.
  The story appeares first in piers plowman(1377)and Robin is also the hero of thirty ballads written betwen 1100 and 1500. He also appears in sir walter Scott`s Ivanhoe (1819).

 Welcome to reading the story :)

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